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Wedding Dress

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JS1011 : An attractive mermaid-line dress with dangly pearl decorations. JS1013 : A wedding dress with unique decorations that seem bunched up. The silhouette is a simple mermaid-line, but the beads decorations on top and skirt decorations complete a stylish bride.
JS1015 : The combination of a unique top and tulle material creates a bright spring wedding dress. The contrast to the full skirt silhouette makes the upper body appear slim. JS1017 : A mermaid dress with elaborate beading. It has a unique back decoration that links the scooped V-neck to the halter line.
JS1018 : The wave-like frills add volume to the skirt. It is an extraordinary dress with a special silhouette, lace and beading. JS1019 : Recommended for brides who want a full silhouette but do not want anything too glamorous. The top has subtle points, and the back train is decorated with frills and lace.
JS1020 : The taffeta bubble skirt creates volume. The top decorated with pearls shines subtly, making the dress bright and beautiful. JS1023 : The tulle material is decorated with sparkles all over, making a beautiful and bright dress. It is tight down to the hip and then spreads out, making the wearer appear thin.
JS1024 : A wedding dress that makes the bride appear like a goddess with soft silk satin material, natural shirring and bead decorations. JS1026 : The X-line silhouette and decorated waist make the waist appear thin. The voluminous tulle skirt is decorated with bias beading.
JS1027 : The glamorous sparkle decorated tulle and beads that come down from the shoulder make the bride dazzle. The empire line, tulle material that slightly covers the chest and shoulders and beading make slightly better built brides look slimmer. JS1028 : A glamorous and full A-line dress. The pink pearl decorations add color and brightness.